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Our 16” Patti Polkadots fashion doll has poseable arms and legs. This doll comes with her top, pants, panties, hair scarf, shoes and purse.

Recommended for ages 4 & up.



Our Price: $89.00

Plan A
Payment in full
($89 plus $10 S/H)
  Plan B
Layaway with 1/2 down now
and 1/2 due at shipment
($44.50 + $44.50 plus $10 S/H)

Plan C
Layaway with 1/3 down now,
1/3 due in 2 weeks,
and 1/3 due 2 weeks later
($29.67 + $29.67 + $29.67 plus $10 S/H)


A little about Patti:

Patti Polkadots is the daughter of Pastor Paul and Penny Polkadots. She has a younger sister, Prancy. Patti is involved in her church youth group where her dad is the pastor. Along with her family, Patti has traveled to the Bahamas and Jamaica on missions trips with her church and she loves to help those in need. Patti is also a very talented skater and has entered a couple competitions where she caught the attention of a national talent scout who told her parents he thinks her future is very promising. She loves spending her weekends at the skating rink, where she takes lessons every Saturday morning. She would love to one day compete professionally and win gold medals!


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