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Our 16” Maggie Mod fashion doll has poseable arms and legs. This doll comes with her dress, panties, sunglasses, boots and purse.

Recommended for ages 4 & up.



Our Price: $89.00

Plan A
Payment in full
($89 plus $10 S/H)
  Plan B
Layaway with 1/2 down now
and 1/2 due at shipment
($44.50 + $44.50 plus $10 S/H)

Plan C
Layaway with 1/3 down now,
1/3 due in 2 weeks,
and 1/3 due 2 weeks later
($29.67 + $29.67 + $29.67 plus $10 S/H)


A little about Maggie:

Maggie Mod comes from a single parent home and lives with her mother, Monica Mod. She has an older brother, Melvin and a younger sister, Mimi. Maggie was brought up to care for those in need and often times volunteers with her mom at the Happy Hill nursing home. Ever since her mom gave Maggie a paint-by-numbers set and some watercolor paint for her birthday, she has loved art. It is her favorite subject in school, too. Whether it is sculpting a vase out of clay or painting, Maggie enjoys it all. She attends art class each Saturday and her first painting was of a fruit bowl with oranges, apples and bananas which her mom proudly displayed on their refrigerator door. When Maggie grows up, she would love to have her own art gallery.


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